Touring Colleges in Boston: A College Tour Itinerary

Exploring Top Colleges in the Boston Area: A College Tour Itinerary

Starting the college search journey is an exciting and transformative time in any high student’s life. One of the most crucial steps in this process is visiting campuses to get a feel for the environment, academics, and overall culture of the institutions you’re considering.


In this article, we’ll introduce you to a diverse selection of Boston colleges, each with a unique appeal. We’ve also provided a well-thought-out itinerary, including the order of visits, airport suggestions, and fun excursions to make your college tour efficient and enjoyable.

Tufts University

Located in the charming Medford/Somerville area of Boston, Tufts University offers a diverse and intellectually vibrant campus. Known for its rigorous academic programs, emphasis on civic engagement, and picturesque surroundings, Tufts provides an excellent environment for learning and growth. By visiting Tufts, you’ll experience its commitment to interdisciplinary education and its welcoming community firsthand.

Babson College

Babson College should certainly be on your list if you’re interested in entrepreneurship and business education. Nestled in Wellesley, Massachusetts, this institution is a global leader in entrepreneurship education. Explore its innovative campus, engage with faculty and students, and see why Babson could be the perfect place to launch your entrepreneurial journey.

Brandeis University

Brandeis University, situated in Waltham, Massachusetts, is renowned for its liberal arts programs and commitment to social justice. You’ll discover a vibrant campus with a diverse student body and a thriving arts scene when you visit. Explore the Rose Art Museum, engage with faculty, and learn about Brandeis’ dedication to academic excellence and social impact.

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Boston University

As a major research institution in the heart of Boston, Boston University offers a bustling urban campus experience. Visiting BU allows you to explore its state-of-the-art facilities, rich cultural offerings, and diverse academic programs. Discover why BU is a hub for innovation, research, and a vibrant student life.

Boston College

Boston College, located in the serene Chestnut Hill area of Boston, is known for its strong sense of community and academic excellence. During your visit, you’ll experience BC’s beautiful campus, attend a football game at the iconic Alumni Stadium, and see how this institution fosters intellectual and personal growth.

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Northeastern University

If co-op experiences and strong ties to Boston’s job market intrigue you, Northeastern University is a must-visit. Situated in the Fenway area, Northeastern offers a dynamic urban campus and a focus on experiential learning. Explore its innovative programs, renowned faculty, and a robust network of industry connections.

Emerson College

Emerson College, nestled in the heart of Boston’s Theater District, is a haven for aspiring creatives. Visit to immerse yourself in a vibrant arts scene, explore the newly renovated Little Building, and see how Emerson’s commitment to communication and the arts can shape your future.

Bucknell University

Venturing outside of Boston, Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, offers a different college experience. Known for its beautiful campus, Bucknell provides a close-knit community and opportunities for personal and academic exploration. Visit to see if Bucknell’s distinctive blend of tradition and innovation aligns with your goals.

Our Proposed Five-Day, Jam-Packed Campus Visit, Itinerary

Now that you know a bit about the colleges and some campus offerings, we have prepared a proposed agenda if you want to make the most of a five-day trip. Please note that this condensed itinerary allows for brief visits to each college, so checking the tour schedules, booking accommodations in advance, and being prepared for a busy schedule is essential. If you have specific colleges you prioritize, consider adjusting the itinerary accordingly.

Day 1: Arrival in Boston

Day 2: Tufts University & Babson College

  • Morning: Take a campus tour of Tufts.
  • Early Afternoon: Check out of your Tufts accommodation.
  • Travel by car to Babson College (Wellesley, MA).
  • Afternoon: Take a campus tour of Babson College.
  • Evening: Explore the Wellesley area and have dinner.

Day 3: Brandeis University & Boston University

  • Morning: Check out of your Babson accommodation.
  • Travel by car to Brandeis University (Waltham, MA).
  • Early Afternoon: Take a campus tour of Brandeis University.
  • Afternoon: Travel by car to Boston University (Boston, MA).
  • Evening: Take a campus tour of Boston University, explore the BU area, dine, and consider visiting Fenway Park.

Day 4: Boston College & Northeastern University

  • Morning: Check out of your Boston University accommodation.
  • Travel by car to Boston College (Chestnut Hill, MA).
  • Early Afternoon: Take a campus tour of Boston College.
  • Afternoon: Travel by car or public transportation to Northeastern University (Boston, MA).
  • Evening: Take a campus tour of Northeastern University, explore the nearby area, and enjoy dinner.

Day 5: Emerson College & Departure

  • Morning: Check out of your Northeastern accommodation.
  • Travel to Emerson College (located in downtown Boston).
  • Early Afternoon: Take a campus tour of Emerson College.
  • Afternoon/Evening: Explore the downtown area, have a final meal in the city, and then depart from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS).

As you embark on your college search journey, exploring alternatives to Tufts University can be an eye-opening experience. These institutions offer unique programs, vibrant campus cultures, and connections to exciting urban environments. To make the most of your visits, plan ahead and consider the local eateries and points of interest we’ve highlighted. Seeing and engaging with the city will help you learn more about the schools and give you a taste of life in these diverse and dynamic communities. 

And if you need assistance planning for the future (and we don’t mean amazing travel itineraries), we can help create a personalized roadmap to get you into these colleges or any on your dream list. Schedule a free consultation to see how we can help. 

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