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Authentic Admissions

Given the recent negative press about college admissions, its important to distinguish the good actors from the bad. At its core, The Admissions Angle helps students to represent the best versions of themselves and is committed to a fair and honest process. No shortcuts. Luckily, the admissions landscape is starting to reward student applicants that show authenticity and an awareness of privilege.

Regardless of background, the road to a student’s dream school is littered with obstacles and requires hard work from everyone involved: parents, teachers, counselors and the students. It takes a village, right? And the best way to spread out the work and start off in the right direction is mentorship.


The Admissions Angle does things differently

  • We are not product-based and we do not charge by the hour. We are committed to putting forth the best quality results, regardless of how much work is involved.
  • We believe in playing to a students’ existing strengths and interests rather than attempting to make them fit into an archetype. We will never tell students to give up the activities they love.
  • We emphasize the value of supporting local communities. We believe that civic involvement breeds excellent citizens and excellent candidates for top colleges, and will help students find unique and genuine ways to serve their communities.
  • We are limited to a select number of students each year so that Alex can be personally involved with each application. We will never pass your student off to an intern or a college student.
Executive Director

Alex Loveless

After graduating from Villanova University with a BS in Mathematics, Alex moved to Seoul, Korea, where he spent a combined nine years in test prep and college admissions consulting. As a Managing Director of one of the top boutique college consulting firms in Seoul’s exclusive Apgujeong neighborhood, Alex was responsible for helping high-performing students gain admission to the Ivy League+ in one of the most competitive applicant pools that exists in the world. His responsibilities included managing/training the entire college admissions team, leading the company’s annual admissions strategy, and working one-on-one with his own personal students.

Now based in America, Alex is committed to sharing his experience and expertise with domestic and international students alike. His educational philosophy is one that allows students to use their unique personality and interests to craft a college application that is both highly personal and highly competitive. Alex believes that students should not be limited by their own expectations and encourages them to reach high, far, and wide on their college lists. Moreover, he understands the unique challenges of combating race and gender stereotypes that plague the admissions process, and helps craft applications that take these challenges into account.

Alex works with students throughout all stages of the high school experience, but believes that the earlier a student begins with an admissions strategy, the better the odds are of admission to a top college. He supports a flexible, holistic approach to admissions and above all, advises students to be themselves.

Demonstrated Success

Class of '23

Personal Students(6 international students + 4 US citizens/green card holders = 10 students total)

Columbia University (1)
Stanford University (1)
University of Pennsylvania – Wharton Business School (1)
Vanderbilt University (1)
Cornell University (1)
Rice University (1)
Washington University at St. Louis (1)
UC Berkeley (1)
Carleton College (1)
Haverford College (1)
University of Southern California (1)
Georgetown University (1)
Carnegie Mellon University (1)
University of Michigan – Ross Business School (1)
University of Michigan (1)
Georgia Tech University (1)
UC Santa Barbara (1)
Boston College (1)
UC San Diego (2)
UC Davis (2)
Case Western Reserve University (2)
Occidental College (1)
Northeastern University (2)
University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign (2)
Purdue University (1)
Waseda University (1)


SAT scores under 1500

you can go to a great college without a great score

Carleton College (1)
Case Western Reserve (1)
Purdue University (1)
University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign (1)
UC Davis (1)
UC Santa Barbara (1)
Northeastern University (1)
Waseda University (1)

College Admissions Services

Schedule a Free Consultation

Meet with Alex one-on-one via video chat to talk about your son/daughter’s admissions plan. Afterwards, receive a no-obligation Customized College Roadmap (CCR) with advice on courses, extracurricular activities, standardized tests, and Admissions Angle strategy. 

What previous students have said:

“Alex was really helpful in terms of brainstorming ideas for my essay topics. We would sit in a room and talk for 30 minutes straight, listing out all the possible ideas that could be used. He was completely open to any idea, which made me feel comfortable enough to share everything on my mind. Also, Alex's honest opinions regarding my writing were very helpful. He directly told me what he didn't like during the earlier phases of writing so that the essay wouldn’t turn into a train wreck. He also gave a lot of care for the grammatical structure of my writing so that we could submit the most cohesive essay possible.”
Georgetown Class of '23
“Alex helped me tremendously during the college app process by being involved in each step leading to completion. He was extremely meticulous in pointing out what I should work on and continuously gave me suggestions to improve the essay. I remember that I wrote A LOT of drafts for my final essay until we were both satisfied. Outside of essays, he helped me decide on what courses to take and proposed new extracurricular activities that would strengthen my application. In retrospect, Alex was not only a consultant but also a mentor that supported me throughout the whole college application process that can be stressful and pressuring. He communicates well with his students and is always willing to help - he even helped me revise my application for a dual degree with Wharton at Penn.”
Penn Class of '22
“It was good to have a mentor who would monitor my college applications and deadlines, as I was so busy at school. Alex's resources and advice helped me a lot in getting a head start on my essays. Even when I was waitlisted at 12 colleges, Alex and I tried our best to get me off the waitlist, writing the appeal letters and starting a new research project. Overall, it was very satisfying and helpful for my overall college process.”
Vanderbilt Class of '23