Personalized Admissions Strategies

Colleges offer admission to unique applicants, which means every student we work with gets a personalized plan. At The Admissions Angle, we believe in playing to the student’s strengths and leaning into genuine interests and personalities.

A Proven Track Record

The Admissions Angle mentors work with students from all backgrounds: international and domestic, Ivy League and Top-150, first-time freshmen and transfers, engineers and artists, and everyone in between.

A Plan for Everyone

We offer mentorship and admissions services at a variety of commitment levels and price points. We even have self-guided options for highly independent students.

What We Offer

Mentorship Services

For students in 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade, we offer 1:1 mentorship services designed to help students discover their academic passions and build a compelling profiles for admissions.

College Application Services

For rising seniors and current 12th graders, we offer comprehensive application services including building college lists, researching the perfect program, crafting essays, completing applications, preparing for interviews, and so much more. 

Webinars, Workshops, and How-Tos

At The Admissions Angle, we believe information is for everyone! We offer webinars year-round, an updated blog, and even workshops for building resumes, writing essays, and more.

College Admissions Services

Schedule a Free Consultation

Meet with a mentor one-on-one via video chat to talk about your son/daughter’s admissions plan. Afterwards, receive a no-obligation Customized College Roadmap (CCR) with advice on courses, extracurricular activities, standardized tests, and Admissions Angle strategy. 

Who We Are

The Admissions Angle is a boutique college consultation group focused on helping students maximize their potential. We believe that by investing in college admissions support, students will find greater opportunities and success both at college and in their careers. Students who work with Admissions Angle mentors apply to more colleges, receive more offers of admission, and receive better merit-based financial aid, but that’s not all. Students who work with Admissions Angle mentors enter college with a stronger sense of self, confident that they are where they’re supposed to be and that they deserve to be there.

Our Founding Team

The Admissions Angle was founded by Alex Loveless and Noelle Compton, who met while working as SAT coaches in Seoul, South Korea. They then spent several years at one of the most prestigious college admissions strategists in Asia, working to help international students apply to top colleges. After repatriating to New York City in 2019, Alex and Noelle founded The Admissions Angle with the mission of extending their specialized knowledge to an American market. They are experts at crafting admissions strategies, guiding application essays, and discovering students’ unique talents and passions.

From Our Clients

I had a fantastic experience working with Alex and Noelle. They both knew the ins-and-outs of college admissions and could thoroughly help me with many aspects of the process. They have been through the process many times and were able to provide tips I would not have known otherwise. Beyond their skills and admissions acumen, Alex and Noelle were friendly faces who genuinely cared about each student. Thanks!
Accepted to Dartmouth Class of '25
Alex and Noelle know the college admissions process inside and out. They know exactly what colleges are looking for in terms of extracurriculars, academics, transcripts, essays and as a result, their expertise makes them a great molder of applicants. I came to Alex with a rough direction of what I wanted to do with my career and in a day he crafted a plan of attack to get me into my dream school. We narrowed down my interests into one unique major, he then helped me beef up my extracurriculars to better match my profile as an applicant to that major. From there we began work on essays. Both Alex and Noelle are masters of charting the waters of helping students write interesting, memorable and even edgy essays while staying in the sphere of what admissions readers want to see. The Admissions Angle tapped into my collection of life lessons and memories and from there, pulled out small anecdotes and tidbits to help me craft multiple moving essays. In the final days of writing my essays, Alex also ensured all other aspects of my college application were in order. Whenever I had a question regarding a transcript, activities, or additional information, he knew what to do or directed me in how to solve any issues. With Alex and Noelle’s detail to attention, knowledge of the application process, and talent as coaches/editors/planners, I was able to get into my dream school. I could not have done it without them! Thanks, Alex and Noelle!
Accepted to Georgetown Class of '25
The college admissions process is a very daunting process, but with the help of Alex Loveless and the Admissions Angle, it became a much more manageable process and an overall better experience. Alex was super thorough and honest with his feedback and constantly pushed me to strive for success. His knowledge and expertise of the college process reassured me at every step, in particular during essay brainstorming sessions. He was able to elevate all of my ideas into a cohesive, compelling, and well-rounded essay. I am extremely grateful for his guidance and without his support, I would not be where I am today.
Cornell University logo small
Cornell Class of '25
I began working with Alex during my sophomore year, so I was able to implement many of his ideas, such as hands-on research papers and a science blog, that really helped me present myself as a knowledgeable and self-driven scientist in my applications! Even though he had many good suggestions and obviously knew what could create a brilliant application, he never tried to stifle my unique interests and helped me incorporate them in my essays. When it came to editing, he always made sure that the essays still used my voice and that they were truly representative of me. I wouldn’t have known how to present myself in the best possible way to elite institutions without Alex’s help.
California Institute Of Technology logo
Caltech Class of '24
Without Alex, I wouldn’t have been able to get into my dream school. I started working with Alex in eighth grade, and he helped me to have specific goals and plans for my high school tenure. With the specific goals and plans, my application had a harmonic element that made me different from other applicants. In order for me to stand out, Alex and I worked on the junction for all my high school achievements and life experiences: the common app and supplemental essays. Since the beginning of summer before my senior year, Alex and I wrote at least 50 drafts in total for ten different schools. Alex suggested specific edits from my initial drafts that would make my essays to connect with my passion for STEM. With hard work from both Alex and me, we ended up with final drafts that radiated my background and passion for colleges. I strongly believe that the essays were a big part of my success, and I thank Alex for his help.
University of Pennsylvania Logo
Penn Class of '24

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