The road to college is not a straight line.

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Given the recent negative press about college admissions, its important to distinguish the good actors from the bad. At its core, The Admissions Angle helps students to represent the best versions of themselves and is committed to a fair and honest process. No shortcuts. Luckily, the admissions landscape is starting to reward student applicants that show authenticity and an awareness of privilege.

Regardless of background, the road to a student’s dream school is littered with obstacles and requires hard work from everyone involved: parents, teachers, counselors and the students. It takes a village, right? And the best way to spread out the work and start off in the right direction is mentorship.

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Alex Loveless

Executive Director
The Admissions Angle

About Us

After graduating from Villanova University with a BS in Mathematics, Alex moved to Seoul, Korea, where he spent a combined nine years in test prep and college admissions consulting.

As a Managing Director of one of the top boutique college consulting firms in Seoul’s exclusive Apgujeong neighborhood, Alex was responsible for helping high-performing students gain admission to the Ivy League+ in one of the most competitive applicant pools that exists in the world.

His responsibilities included managing/training the entire college admissions team, leading the company’s annual admissions strategy, and working one-on-one with his own personal students.

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Student Testimonials

“It was good to have a mentor who would monitor my college applications and deadlines, as I was so busy at school. Alex's resources and advice helped me a lot in getting a head start on my essays. Even when I was waitlisted at 12 colleges, Alex and I tried our best to get me off the waitlist, writing the appeal letters and starting a new research project. Overall, it was very satisfying and helpful for my overall college process.”
Vanderbilt Class of '23
"Alex helped me tremendously during the college app process by being involved in each step leading to completion. Based off of my academic interests and extracurricular activities, he gave me a theme of “social entrepreneurship” for my college application. Setting a clear theme was important in writing the Common App essay and portraying what I wanted to pursue after high school. In terms of the essay, he helped me out starting from the idea generation process to writing drafts to making revisions for each draft. He was extremely meticulous in pointing out what I should work on and continuously gave me suggestions to improve the essay. I remember that I wrote A LOT of drafts for my final essay until we were both satisfied. Outside of essays, he helped me decide on what courses to take and proposed new extracurricular activities that would strengthen my application. In retrospect, Alex was not only a consultant but also a mentor that supported me throughout the whole college application process that can be stressful and pressuring. He communicates well with his students and is always willing to help - he even (recently) helped me revise my application for a dual degree with Wharton at Penn."
Penn Class of '22
“Alex helped me in pretty much all aspects of student career building and college application. To list several of many many things he has done for me, he counseled me in building my extracurriculars such as club activities, guided me through writing research papers, ... helped me get into a summer camp at UPenn, and reviewed all of the essays I have written for my college application. I'm sure I couldn't have gone through all the complicated process without Alex's guidance.”
Carnegie Mellon Class of '22
“Alex gave constructive feedback on how to improve my essays in light of the theme that I was writing for. My sentences tend to be verbose and Alex also helped me cut a lot of unnecessary sentences and keep the essay very compact and right to the point. We held weekly Skype meetings to discuss more about my essays' revision and further steps; he provided great help in my college application.”
Johns Hopkins Class of '21 (Full Ride)