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June 4, 2024

3:00 PM EST

We’d like to formally invite you to our free webinar on the how to come up with personal statement topics that will STAND OUT in admissions offices. 

We’re Alex and Noelle, the founders of Admissions Angle. We’ve advised hundreds of families on how to build applications that stand out by finding a unique Admissions Angle that highlights the child’s interests and personality.

This one probably the most important conversations that we have in our field of work, as the personal statement is the face of an application and is the biggest opportunity for a student to be memorable.  In this webinar we will cover:

✅ What topics to write about
✅ What topics NOT to write about
✅ Demonstrating grit in your story

Register today and get our


If you’re preparing to apply to college, then this guide is a must-read! Learn all about the essay archetypes including the WHY US essay, WHY MAJOR essay, DIVERSITY essay, and more. Don’t start drafting without it!

Webinar FAQ

Who are we?

Alex and Noelle are independent college admissions mentors with over 20 years combined experience working in Seoul and New York City, two of the most competitive higher educational markets in the world. We've worked with hundreds of students on a one-on-one basis to figure out what makes them tick and how to turn their strengths into a compelling Admissions Angle to stand out in the admissions process.

Will this webinar be recorded?

Yes, this webinar will be recorded and you will receive access to watch it on-demand after its conclusion. However, if you want to ask questions, please make sure to join us live!

What is a Premium Substack community member?

Premium community members get on-demand access to all our previous webinars in addition to access to our on-demand College Application Lab course, invitations to AMAs with Alex or Noelle, direct line on an Admissions Angle mentor for questions, and various admissions tools and content. Check it out here: https://theadmissionsangle.substack.com/


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