TAA Transfer Scholars Program

The Transfer Scholars Program is for students currently attending community college who wish to transfer to a four-year degree program.

Seeking Transfer Scholars for Winter 2024!

We are The Admissions Angle, an independent college consultant group located in the South Bronx, and we want to help in the mission of equity in higher education. We spend hours creating free college admissions content on our blog and social media platforms, as well as mentor students directly in their daunting college admissions journeys. 

We are now accepting applications for our Transfer Scholars Program, which aims to help motivated community college students maximize their education potential, both in regards to admissions and merit-based financial aid, through one-on-one expert guidance. 

Applicants should be:

  1. A community college student with plans to transfer to a four-year institution in Fall 2024
  2. Low-income, first-generation college applicants will be given priority in the selection process. 

Beyond that, all we ask for is big dreams and a great attitude!   

"Alex was very helpful in easing my anxiety about the transfer process. His resources enabled me to make a strict timeline and adhere to it while having someone to hold me accountable. Alex pays attention to detail, just like me, which is why we worked so well together and complemented each other’s ideas. I am beyond grateful for his fast replies and tips, which perfected my application and even got me into Harvard!"
Harvard University Class of '23

How to Apply

Part 1:   Fill out the Google form:  https://forms.gle/Gu2vF4CnzhccDD3K9
Part 2:   Send your resume to [email protected]
Part 3:  After submitting first two parts, applicants who pass the first round will be asked to schedule your interview via email

Early Application Deadline: Dec 1st, 2023
Regular Application Deadline:  Dec 15th, 2023

Recipients of the Transfer Scholars Award will receive:

  • A Customized College Roadmap (CCR) with a personalized Admissions Angle strategy and timeline of necessary steps
  • Five one-on-one Zoom meetings with access to project management software to keep mentors, students, and parents on the same page
  • College list featuring dream, reach, and safety schools based on student’s achievements with counseling on suggested majors
  • Resume check with customized resume template, suggestions for effective presentation of accomplishments, and edits for grammar and content
  • Personal Statement Essay brainstorming, drafting, and editing for grammar and content
  • Supplemental Essay coaching with complete list of necessary supplements with brainstorming for content
  • Common Application Profile instructions and audit
  • College Application Lab Online Course access to get on-demand answers to college applications questions directly from Alex or Noelle.

Total services are valued at approximately $4,000 for each recipient.

Anthony’s nontraditional path to higher education education started with pursuing a degree in musical performance but eventually led him to drop out to join the workforce. Eventually, he ended up at WCC to pursue a associate’s degree but was determined to get his four-year bachelor’s, immersing himself in the Phi Theta Kappa society until he became president and eventually was selected as a 2022 Transfer Scholar. He’s currently a student at Columbia University. 

Minuk, Columbia School of General Studies

Meet Our Previous Transfer Scholars!

Bianca, Harvard University

Bianca graduated from Harvard University with a BA in psychology, specializing in developmental psychology. She was not only a 2020 Transfer Scholar but also selected as a Jack Kent Cooke scholar, a program that pays almost full tuition for transfer students to a four-year degree. Bianca is originally from Germany and moved to the US short after high school to work. She received her associates degree from Westchester Community College, where she was an active member of the community as president of WCC’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter among numerous other community service and academic opportunities.

Minuk is a student at Columbia University, studying mathematics. Before attending college, he used to work as a game programmer for 4 years in South Korea. His interest in Artificial Intelligence led him to discover the fun of mathematics, and now he dreams to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics to become a math researcher. He enjoys solving math and algorithm problems with friends, and also learns Jiu-Jitsu on campus as a hobby. He is hoping to earn a blue belt before graduating from Columbia.

Minuk, Columbia School of General Studies

Apply today!

To apply for the Transfer Scholars Award, please fill out this form.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Recipients will be notified by phone or email. 

Remember, the deadline is Dec 15th, 2023

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An Admissions Angle is an admissions strategy, which is based on the student’s interests, talents, and achievements. Some people prefer to think of an Admissions Angle as a sort of “major” for high schoolers, but it’s much more than that. An Admissions Angle is about cultivating a unique college profile that allows a student to demonstrate why they are the perfect candidate for their dream school.

In America, the average public high school assigns 482 students to one counselor. The average student receives only 38 minutes of counseling in four years of attendance. Moreover, many master’s degree programs for high school counselors spend little to no time teaching college admissions strategies, rather focusing on social and emotional issues. Coupled with the fact that admissions strategies are evolving year to year, it is impossible for a high school counselor to have the same knowledge as a college consultant, whose only job is to understand admissions and support their students.

Mentorship begins by finding the sweet spot: where do the student’s talents and passions align, and how can this alignment be manipulated into something with admissions value? This sweet spot will develop into an Admissions Angle, or college application strategy.

The process of mentorship involves working with students one-on-one through weekly or biweekly Skype meetings. At these meetings, we advise on class selection, test planning, competitions and contests, extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, independent research, and so much more. We also serve as an intermediary between the student and the parents, working to improve communication and find balance in each party’s goals.

Mentorship services are recommended for students in 9th-11th grades who need support building their extracurricular activities and organizing their admissions strategies. Application services are for students in the second semester of 11th grade and beginning of 12th grade and are focused on consolidating materials, crafting essays, making a college list, and submitting applications.

We work with students from 8th-12th grade, but we also offer transfer application services for current college students.

For students in grade 8, we recommend Best Foot Forward, a 6-month program to curate and understand the student’s interests and passions. We do so in the hopes of establishing an Admissions Angle as early as possible.

For students in grade 9-11, the Best Foot Forward program is a good place to start, but we also recommend either our Essential Mentorship or Prime Mentorship. These programs are more comprehensive and assume that the student has already established an Admissions Angle.

For students in grades 11 and 12, we generally wrap up the mentorship programs and encourage either our Essential Application or Prime Application service.

To learn more about the specific options we can offer your family, schedule your free initial consultation today.

While we are based in New York, we often travel to cities, states, and countries where our clients live and try to meet each family face to face once per year, as our schedules permit. However, 100% of our services are handled remotely via project management software, Skype meetings, shared files, and messaging.

The longer we work with a student, the better their admissions results turn out to be. By following our suggestions consistently throughout high school, students will apply to college with a complete admissions profile specifically catered to their dream schools.

That said, we recommend meeting with a consultant at any step of the high school process, particularly for self-motivated students who might need a boost in the right direction. Any amount of personal attention from a consultant will help.

Each consultant works with about ten to twenty students at a time based on seniority and experience. We limit our numbers to ensure that each student receives the attention he or she deserves.

We promise that we will never have two students in the same grade from the same school using the same Admissions Angle. To do so would severely undermine the integrity of our process.

While we believe everyone could benefit from a college consultant, we strongly recommend our services for the following students: Students applying to five or more schools, students applying to Top-30 colleges, students whose parents have not recently undergone the application process, students whose parents do not have the time to ensure quality control, and students who are extra headstrong.

For more information on the above criteria, check out our blog: Do I need a college consultant?

We are proud to offer a range of affordable services, drawing from our philosophy that every family should have access to a competitive college application opportunity.

Our prices are assessed on the individual needs of the family, which are determined during the free consultation process. When we present you with your Customized College Roadmap (CCR), we will recommend whether we think you would benefit from our services. If you would, we will present you with two or three different options of tiered prices for you to choose from.

A Customized College Roadmap (CCR) is an excellent tool that we offer during the initial consultation process, based on information from the student and the parent. Your CCR will include the following:

  • Personalized Admissions Angle strategy
  • Suggested extracurricular activities to support strategy
  • Timeline for standardized tests
  • Advice on course selection, summer programs, and internships
  • Preliminary college list

Everything starts with the initial consultation process. Our process is financially free and obligation free. Moreover, you can count on a low-pressure approach.

The free consultation is three steps: 1) The consultant meets the parent one-on-one to discuss the student. 2) The consultant meets the student one-on-one to discuss interests and goals. 3) The consultant meets with the parent and student together to present the CCR. After the presentation of the CCR, we will recommend services and discuss next steps.